The South African Road Traffic Safety Management Association (SARTSMA) is the trade body for companies that manufacture and supply Road Traffic Safety Devices and associated products for use in South Africa, and seeks to benefit members through its representative role.

SARTSMA is an informed and influential force in the South African Transportation Industry and its members are committed to following the relevant national regulations and standards for Road Traffic Safety products. The Association is dedicated in its efforts to resolve many of the challenges presented in the South African Road Traffic Safety industry, seeking to influence technological developments and improve standards in this sector.

Our Members are kept up to date with developments affecting the industry by means of regular correspondence from the Secretariat. We consult with Members on South African standards through our Working Group meetings and, when necessary, make representations on their behalf to both National & Local Government. The Association attends trade exhibitions and conferences and make contributions to the technical press on issues that affect our members.

We work closely with the Department of Transport, and are represented on technical committees under their auspices, including the Road Safety Engineering & Road Signs Committee and supporting Working Groups. We have good relationships with South African Consultant Engineer companies and with the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL).

By our participating on a number of SABS Technical Committees and associated Working Groups, we are well placed to engage in the development of standards which relate to our industry sectors, ensuring that such standards continue to be driven by business and drafted by technical experts in the field, in order to ensure that the resulting standards are credible and implementable. SARTSMA continues to take part in open participation, maintaining links with other trade bodies, public authorities, academia and NGO representatives to ensure consensus with South Africa, SADC and EU standardisation processes. Our members sit as technical experts on behalf of SARTSMA in a number of working groups with SABS, reflecting the work carried out by our own working groups.

SARTSMA members are committed to reducing the road traffic safety manufacturing industry’s environmental footprint and to building a sustainable future. This commitment applies to all areas of operation and our united goal is to being environmentally responsible and ethical in all our business practices.



SARTSMA seeks to benefit Members through its representative role and to influence Technological Developments to improve standards in Road Traffic Safety engineering and operations.




  • To constitute, provide and maintain a central national organisation for those concerned with systems and products for the detection, measurement, safety, guidance and control of road traffic.
  • Promote the development of SMME Operations.
  • To promote, foster and encourage co-operation, joint endeavour and mutual aid amongst the members of the Association and with outside persons, associations and other bodies having interests and objects in common with the Association and its members.
  • To make proposals and representations on the objects of the Association to National, Provincial and Local Government Departments and other Public Bodies and Authorities; and as far as possible secure the adoption of such proposals and representations, and to obtain representation and appoint representatives on Government Committees and other Public Bodies and Authorities.