SARTSMA seeks to benefit Members through its representative role and to influence Technological Developments to improve standards in Road Traffic Safety engineering and operations.


To constitute, provide and maintain a central national organisation for those concerned with systems and products for the detection, measurement, safety, guidance and control of road traffic.

To ensure that members are aware of relevant industry standards.

To engage in the resolution of non adherence to mandatory standard.

To become the reputable mouthpiece of Industry to Government & Standards Bodies to ensure that the standards and specifications produced are credible and implementable.

To promote, foster and encourage co-operation, joint endeavour and mutual aid amongst the members of the Association and with outside persons, associations and other bodies having interests and objects in common with the Association and its members.

To make proposals and representations on the objects of the Association to National, Provincial and Local Government Departments and other Public Bodies and Authorities; and as far as possible secure the adoption of such proposals and representations, and to obtain representation and appoint representatives on Government Committees and other Public Bodies and Authorities.


Communicate to End Users and Specifiers the benefits of using the services and products supplied by SARTSMA members. 

Promote the development of SMME Operations.

Ensure that Members are aware of relevant Industry Standards.

Engage in the resolution of non-adherence to mandatory Standards and Specifications.

Become the reputable mouthpiece for the industry at Government and Standards Bodies.

Work with Government and Standards Bodies to en-sure that standards and specifications produced are credible and implementable.

Promote the use of good quality Traffic Safety products as cost effective solutions which enhance and improve road safety.


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