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The startup disrupting the construction tender process

Updated: May 12, 2020

TenderPoint SA aims to introduce effective and efficient e-procurement in the construction industry both from procurement entities such as government and property development organisations, as well as between contractors themselves.

TenderPoint SA is an online construction procurement platform built for contractors and organisations that deal with contractors on a repetitive basis.

The company addresses the fact that its current procurement processes are needlessly antiquated, and in so doing poses a huge obstacle for emerging contractors.

According to the Construction Industry Development Board, slightly over 80% of contractors in South Africa are emerging contractors who battle to source work opportunities.

“The work is out there, but without sharing critical information, contractors cannot operate sustainably. Contractors play a vital role as creators of employment opportunities for artisans; tradesmen and unskilled workers.” 

The platform is not just for emerging contractors, explains TenderPoint SA founder and business development director Asa Walesa Mazomba. A number of established contractors are using the platform to source and procure emerging contractors and trade-based sub-contractors.

TenderPoint SA simplifies the process of being able to find work and services, and lessens the cost of finding opportunities for subscribers on the platform. 

“For government, we are more of a publishing platform. We publish opportunities and offer online tracking of the submitted application, so contractors can now apply for tenders online. They have shown significant interest in what we have done.”

Mazomba adds that the company has seen developments in various countries that have used e-procurement platforms to great effect.  So what TenderPoint SA does is that it has a collective of South African contractors from which government can procure on the platform.

He adds that suppliers will find the platform useful as well. TenderPoint SA have launched a supplier’s directory so that suppliers can have access to contractors during the tendering stage. Suppliers generally know that a tender is in the pipeline, but often will not know who in the industry specifically will be tendering.

“This will allow suppliers to support contractors in their bids with the purpose of boosting employment and sales for all concerned.”

TenderPoint SA came about from experiencing that information bottleneck during my decade as a quantity surveying consultant, and then as a contractor. “I became quite familiar with both sides of the equations,” Mazomba concludes. 

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