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“Manuals, Articles & Information on SARTSMA and Industry Related topics available to download”

Please note that all of the document below are in PDF format and you will require Adobe Reader.  You can get Adobe Reader here.

Please note the below downloads will download in PDF format. You will require Adobe Reader to be installed on your PC to open the file. You can get Adobe Reader here.

SARTSMA Membership Tiers

This document outlines the different membership tiers available with SARTSMA.

SARTSMA Constitution

This document sets out the constitution that we adhere to and states the purposes of why we exist as an organisation.

SARTSMA Related Information

SARTSMA Membership Application & Tiers 2023

SARTSMA Value Proposition

SARTSMA Constitution 2021

Industry Related Information

COTO Chapter 1 (General), Chapter 11 (Ancillary Road Works) and 13 (Structures)

Retro-reflective Sheeting (Glass Beads & Micro Prisms) for Road Traffic Signs Identification Guide - 2021

South African Road Traffic Sign Chart

SARTSMA Guideline to Specifying Road Traffic Signs

Relevant Legislation

SADC Road Traffic Signs Manual - Volume 1

Volume 1 of the Manual contains detailed signing policy and design principles. The content of Volume 1 provides an in depth description of the road traffic sign system and working detail on the use of each individual component of the system. 


The Chapters are as follows:- Ch1: General Principles, Ch2: Regulatory Signs, Ch3: Warning Signs, Ch4: Guidance Signs, Ch5: Information Signs, Ch6: Traffic Signals, Ch7: Road Markings, Ch8: Navigational Aids, Ch9: Variable Message Signs, Ch10: Glossary of Terms, Ch11: Index

South African Road Traffic Signs Manual - Volume 2

Volume 2 covers the collective application of signs, marking, and signals for specific subject areas such as traffic accommodation at roadworks, tourism signing, public transport signing and signing for the control of heavy vehicles. 


The Chapters are as follows:- Ch1: Introduction, Ch2: Road Marking Application, Ch3: Regulatory and Warning Signs and Marking Applications, Ch4: Tourism Signing, Ch5: Freeway Signing, Ch6: Toll Route Signing, Ch7: Signing for Railway Crossings, Ch8: Public Transport Signing, Ch9: Urban Guidance Signing, Ch10: Rural Junction Signing, Ch11: Signing for Heavy Vehicles, Ch12: Signing for Traffic Calming, Ch13: Roadworks Signing, Ch14: Signing for Pedestrian Environments, Ch15: Structural Design of Road Signs, Ch16: Road Signs Management, Ch17: Sign Face Materials, Ch18: Road Marking Materials, Ch19: Variable Message Signs

South African Road Traffic Signs Manual - Volume 3

Volume 3 provides in depth detail on the selection, installation, operation and control methods for traffic signals.

The Chapters are as follows:- Ch1: Traffic Signal Control, Ch2: Traffic Signal Warrants, Ch3: Traffic Signal Faces, Ch4: Pedestrian and Pedal Cyclist Signals, Ch5: Junction Layout, Ch6: Signal Timing & Phasing, Ch7: Vehicle-Actuated Control, Ch8: Vehicle-Responsive Control, Ch9: Area Traffic Control, Ch10: Vehicle Priority, Ch11: Individual Vehicle Control Signals, Ch12: Signals at Roadworks, Ch13: Lane Direction Control Signals, Ch14: Railway Crossing Signals, Ch15: Hand & Other Signals, Ch16: Light Signals & Posts, Ch17: Facilities for Disabled Users, Ch18: Traffic Signal Controllers, Ch19: Central Control System, Ch20: Detectors, Ch21: Automated Law Enforcement, Ch22: Power Supply, Ch23: Responsibilities & Duties, Ch24: Risk Management, Ch25: Manpower Requirements, Ch26: Traffic Signal Installation, Ch27: Removal of Traffic Signals, Ch28: Traffic Signal Maintenance, Ch29: Signal Timing Upgrading, Ch30: Traffic Signal Records, Ch31: Contracts, Ch32: Annual Reports

SADC Road Traffic Signs Manual - Volume 4

Volume 4 provides complete dimensional details, together with accurate scalable drawings, of all signs, markings and signals, including details of all letter types used on direction signs. 


The Chapters are as follows:- Ch1: Introduction, Ch2: Regulatory Signs, Ch3: Warning Signs, Ch4: Guidance Signs - 1 Location Signs and Route Marker Signs, Ch5: Guidance Signs - 2 Directions Signs, Ch6: Guidance Signs - 3 Freeway Directions Signs, Ch7: Guidance Signs - 4 Tourism Signs, Ch8: Guidance Signs - 5 Diagrammatic Signs, Ch9: Information Signs, Ch10: Traffic Signals, Ch11: Lettering for Road Traffic Signs, Ch12: Road Markings, Ch13: Guidance Signs - 6 Local Directions Signs, Ch14: Guidance Signs - 7 Pedestrian Direction Signs, Ch15: Guidance Signs - 8 Toll Direction Signs



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