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SARTSMA is passionate about practical Road Safety Education for children, especially during the early development stages, due to the vital role it plays in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of children, to ensure they become responsible road users as adults.
The South African Road Federation (SARF) share this passion and jumped at the opportunity to assist the Johannesburg Emergency Services to revamp and upgrade the Rhodespark Junior Traffic Training Centre, that had not functioned for more than 15 years. The cracked and broken road surface was repaired and the overgrown trees, bushes and lawns were neatly trimmed. SARTSMA members provided support to the project with the supply of new road signs, repainting of the faded road markings and installation of a guardrail. The SARF Executive Committee sponsored 15 brand new bicycles, as well as 15 helmets to ensure the children were safe, whilst learning about road safety. 

The Rhodespark Junior Traffic Training Centre was launched on 26 November 2016, prompting a drive to identify other neglected and unused junior traffic training centres.  

Rhodespark Junior Traffic Training Centre
The Junior Traffic Training Centre in Coronation Park, Mogale City was identified and revamped with the support of SARF, Much Asphalt and SARTSMA, whose members provided new road signs, road markings and fencing to create a safe educational facility, ensuring that the children of Mogale City develop the required skills they need to be safe on our roads.
The Mogale Junior Traffic Training Centre was launched on 5 December 2019. 

An old Junior Traffic Training Site, situated in Rose Park, Lanasia, was identified for renovation. SARTSMA contributed new, portable road traffic signs and 20 scooters for the children to use on the revamped road design.


Further sites in Tshwane and Heidelberg are currently in the pipeline for investigation and possible development.



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