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South African Road Traffic Safety Management Association (SARTSMA)

SARTSMA is the trade body for companies that manufacture and supply Road Traffic Safety Devices and associated products for use in South Africa and seeks to benefit members through its representative role.  SARTSMA is an informed and influential force in the South African Transportation Industry and its members are committed to following the relevant national regulations and standards for Road Traffic Safety products.


SARTSMA is dedicated in its efforts to resolve many of the challenges presented in the South African Road Traffic Safety industry, seeking to influence technological developments and improve standards in this sector.  The Association works closely with   National Department of Transport, and are represented on technical committees under their auspices, including the Road Safety Engineering & Road Signs Sub-Committee and supporting Working Groups.  SARTSMA is recognized by the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) and have good relationships with South African Consultant Engineer companies. 


SARTSMA is a member of the South African Road Federation (SARF) and an active participant on their regional and road safety committees. SARTSMA’s presentation module, concerning effective road traffic signs and reflective sheeting technology, is included as part of the Traffic Safety Officer training course, which assists in promoting economic growth through education and training for contractors and industry stakeholders.



  • Membership will provide your business with access to a platform that allows you to influence the direction that your industry sector takes.

  • Membership provides your business with the opportunity to access knowledge of market sectors that you may be considering entering.

  • Members, through SARTSMA working group interaction, can benefit from the combined knowledge of industry leaders and experts in your sector.

  • Members receive commercial and regulatory information on issues that may affect their industry sector.

  • Members can increase knowledge and enjoy discounted rates for attendance at SARF industry related educational courses.

  • Members can seek help and assistance through the Association network.





Gauteng govt sets near-term road building commitments

18TH JUNE 2021





The Gauteng provincial government has identified 18 high-capacity roads, or arterial roads, that could serve as a lever to support the province’s plans around special economic zone (SEZ) development.


Transport MEC Jacob Mamabolo, during the budget tabling for the province on June 18, said roads infrastructure is at the core of SEZs.


To this end, the transport department of Gauteng has introduced the Transport Infrastructure House as the virtual in-house capacity to ensure effective and efficient delivery of roads infrastructure.


 “We are leveraging the use of drones to monitor construction. We will be unveiling this programme formally and demonstrating its results in July,” Mamabolo said.  He added that Gauteng’s transport department was working with 12 private property developers to support their multibillion-rand projects to propel the economy.

The provincial government will, in two weeks’ time, start with visits to and roadshows of the 18 arterial roads to share information about future plans. 

Mamabolo said government would be rolling out the single integrated automated smart project templates that seek to transform and turn around the project management environment. 

“We seek to ensure that our service providers and stakeholders and the officials move in one step, sing and read from the same hymn book on project management discipline. We seek to have a single source of the truth on project management.  This will help us improve the project procurement environment and just like in car manufacturing, ensure that we build a proper linear pipeline. The Transport Infrastructure House remains seized with this matter,” Mamabolo said.  Read More



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Simple! Just click on the 'Quotations' tab on the website menu and you can request a quotation for road safety product items, directly from our members.




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